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Phenix City - Russell County Event Calendar

June 1st

Russell County Farmer's Market 8am to 12pm @ Garett Harrison Stadium

June 2nd

First Friday Food Trucks, ArtWalk, Craft Beer, & Live Music @ The Lawn by Chattahoochee Brewing Company

June 3rd

Samantha Fish "Salute the Troops" Concert @ The Phenix City Amphitheater. 8:00pm

June 3rd

Twin Cities Classic Horse Show @ the Exchange Club Arena

June 3rd

Russell County Farmer's Market 8am to 12pm by Chattahoochee Brewing Company

June 9th - 11th

Jehovahs Witness Convention

June 16th - 18th

Jehovahs Witness Convention 

June 18th

Father's Day!

June 24th

Southeastern Quad UTV Race at Phenix City Motocross

Every Sunday

Open Practice @ Phenix Drag Strip

332 Woodland Drive
Phenix City, AL 36869

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The phenix city story

We've heard y'all want to know more about the infamous "Phenix City Story" - Dr. Virginia Causey is going to tell you all about it on April 15th, 10am @ Troy University on the Chattahoochee, for no charge!

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